Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter Course

The successful completion of the PH course is a legal requirement for individuals that would like to organise hunting safaris and guide overseas clients on hunts in South Africa. The nationally accredited course is run over 10 days and consists of theoretical and practical training and assessment.

The following course program provides some insight as to the course content.

PH Course - Program

Day 1. Monday

  • Introductions and course overview
  • Lecture – Nature Conservation law (relevant to Pro-Hunting)
  • SCI & RW trophy measuring methods lecture and practical measuring
  • Theory of field trophy estimation
  • Practical – Trophy judging practical

Day 2. Tuesday

  • Law Revision
  • Lecture – Ballistics
  • Lecture – Spoor ID theory
  • Lecture and video – Trophy handling and treatment
  • Practical Trophy judging
  • Bird and mammal identification training on data projector (evening)

Day 3. Wednesday

  • Law Revision
  • Lecture – Hunting technique and methods.
  • Lecture –  Trophy photography
  • Lecture – Hunting binoculars and telescopes
  • Lecture – CITES
  • Practical – Trophy judging practical

Day 4. Thursday

  • Practical hunting, tree identification and veld interpretation
  • Practical – Practical trophy photography, practical demo and lecture on trophy skinning and practical caping.
  • Practical – Trophy judging
  • Practical – Bird and mammal identification training on data projector (evening)

Day 5. Friday

  • Lecture – Marketing
  • Lecture – Administration
  • Lecture – Bow hunting and bow blinds
  • Practical – Evaluation of trophy photographs on data projector Bird and mammal ID training

Day 6. Saturday

  • Practical – Caping exam
  • Lecture  – Accommodation, skinning and trophy facilities
  • Afternoon off

Day 7. Sunday

  • Lecture – Shot placement theory
  • Lecture – Tracking
  • Lecture – Wing shooting & shotguns
  • Afternoon free for practicing of trophy estimation, study etc.

Day 8. Monday     

  • Lecture – Bore sighting theory.
  • Shooting evaluation at range
  • Evaluation of trophy measuring methods.

Day 9. Tuesday

  • Law exam
  • General exam
  • Shot placement assessment

Day 10. Wednesday

  • Trophy judging exam & practical assessment of hunting ability
  • Closing and Depart for home

Buffalo Hunting Course

The nationally accredited 8 Buffalo hunting course has been developed specially for registered Professional Hunters that wish to guide clients on buffalo hunts. The theory includes age and trophy assessment, sexing, shot placement, hunting methods, following up of wounded buffalo, rifles and bullets for buffalo etc.

Range shooting includes speed shooting, shooting from sticks and charging buffalo targets. Practical buffalo age and trophy assessment, buffalo stalking as well as the hunting of a buffalo bull will be done. The subsequent photography, recovery and skinning will be a part of the course.

Qualifying students will receive a certificate that will be recognised by all the provinces in South Africa.

The following Buffalo hunting course program provides some insight in to the course content.

Buffalo Hunting Course

Day 1.

  • Morning
  • Course Introduction
  • Buffalo behaviour and ecology
  • Hunting ethics
  • Trophy, age assessment and sexing
  • Afternoon
  • Shooting range (run two shooting stations)
  • Sighting of rifles at 50m
  • Practice rifle handling and shooting exercises.

Day 2.

  • Morning
  • Planning and preparation of the hunt
  • Hunting methods
  • Tracking and follow up of Buffalo
  • Afternoon
  • Practice rifle handling and shooting exercises.

Day 3

  • Morning
  • Field preparation and skinning
  • Suitable rifles, handguns and muzzleloaders
  • Trophy photography of Buffalo
  • Afternoon
  • Practice rifle handling and shooting exercises.

Day 4

  • Morning and Afternoon
  • Shooting and rifle handling assessments
  • –    Blindfolded loading and unloading of rifle.
  • –    Charging (moving) buffalo target.
  • –    Broadside buffalo shoot.
  • –    Short distance charge.

Day 5 to 8

  • Conduct a lethal hunt on a Buffalo
  • Learners take 3 trophy photographs each for assessment
  • Do recovery, skinning (shoulder mount) and field preparation of buffalo
  • Conduct approaches and stalks on buffalo (tracking, age determination, sexing and trophy assessment)

Theoretical examination on Day 6.